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Mango and avocado farm

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Treated badly while I was covered in mango rash

1/ 5

I worked for DORRIAN farms through the working hostel; Eco hostel in Childers. They have a great working relationship with one farm owner, however in my opinion a terrible relationship with DORRIAN farms. The owner of the farm has a terrible temper and lost it over the most menial things, he shook his fists and screamed at my partner and I for little to no reason before getting personal, I am not here in Austrlia to be spoken with such little respect so we choose to leave that day, once we arrived back at the hostel the hostel owner asked us to leave and had to ASK Matt from DORRIAN if it was ok if we stayed a couple more days – who’s business is who’s? Surely if I’ve paid for A bed I get to stay there? After this encounter a lot of people came forward and left after they saw how we were treated. I also pointed out to the owner I had mango rash and He told me I didn’t and that I clearly couldn’t handle the heat – this was incorrect I did have mango rash and I got it so severely from head to toe with swollen arms, legs and belly because he told me I didn’t have it so I worked longer picking the mangos. I worked so hard on this farm and to be spoken too and treated so badly infuriates me to this day! We are human beings!

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Best 14 weeks

5/ 5

My experience at matts and his farm was completely the other end of the spectrum with the only other review so far. I did not work for matt during mango season, however I did work for Simpsons in the same area and it is full on, working 6-8 hours in extreme heat and moving none stop until your break. Because the fruit ripens pretty quickly. If you have a poor attitude to work and do not respect this first crop and any after and do not work at your best ability, you will be seen negatively by any farm. Matt expects you to be honest and work hard whatever task he gave you, even if it was the worse job possible, someone has to do it and I am sure he had to do the same. If you are not honest with him, even with health conditions he will not be happy with you and will end up finding out. Matt tells you how it is and tries his hardest to accomadate anyone, even me with a pre-exisiting medical condition. If you slack and decide not to work hard matt will see, you are there to do a job and it will be your fault if you no longer have a job, as one person slacking negatively impacts the rest of your backpacker team. However if you work hard, especially, back breaking job matt will reward you, often with beer which makes the weekend start right. I could not thank matt enough for the 14 weeks i was with him, he provided all of us with as much work as he could, even when the market stop us picking. Hopfully there will be space on the team when i return.

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1 Reviews

Good farm

I worked on dorrians for 14 weeks and it was a very positive experience. The hours were generally reliable and we got weekends off. When it rained and we couldn’t work the owner of the farm had us work on the Saturday so that everybody could get the hours in to get both their visa days and money. One week there was a big storm and we were off work for quite a few days but Matt (the farm owner) bought everybody enough food to last for that period which was touching. Suporvisors are very nice I had a good relationship with several of them I will be sure to visit if I am passing through the area again. Two of them even helped me with my car without expecting anything in return (thank you again ash and Carmel!) and were just generally good kind people. One of the best farms to do your farmwork on (trust me I’ve been to many and they don’t come close to this one) I highly recommend coming here if you are looking to get your days for your second year visa.

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1 Reviews

Will ruin you for other farms

5/ 5

I worked for Matt at Dorrians for 4 and a half months during avocado season, and it was a fantastic experience! Hours were good, pay is better than minimum wage, hard work rewarded, and tries to accomodate medical conditions. When the weather was shit, Matt went above and beyond, and helped us out by buying groceries, and also tried to help people out who needed hours for their visa. He also found more work for us when the market was down and picking slowed. Other staff and supervisors on the farm are also great, and I had a good relationship with them. Some people did have a different experience, but they also had a very different attitude… Basically, you are on a working farm, the farm is not there so you can get your days. People struggled who had a bad attitude to work and were lazy. If you’re a slacker you’re no good to the farm, and you bring the rest of the team down. Matt and the supervisors will tell you how it is, which can be a bit of a shock. Also, if you don’t like getting rained on… buy a raincoat! People seemed shocked to be experiencing actual weather when they worked outside. Overall excellent experience, not the 88 days a slave I was anticipating. Could not have hoped for a better place to complete my farm work.

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