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2 Reviews for Huongold Farm


230 Reviews

Stay away!

1/ 5

The experience at this farm was absolutely horrible. The owner is one of the worst person I’ve ever met in my life: so full of rage, stress and absolutely no respect for anyone. He just shouts the entire day, every day literally for nothing. We were warned about his behavior as soon as we arrived on our first day in the farm. We were told about from other backpackers who of course left as well after only some days of working. At first the owner acts ike a normal person (first day or first 2 days) but then he suddenly changes and start screaming and cursing to everyone. Believe me, this is absolutely madness, we couldn’t believe that someone could be such an unpleasant person. Me and my friend were also called bitches, of course with no apology. He just has no shame. We worked there for one week but then decided to leave because the situation was just unreal and crazy. The only good thingis that at least we got paid for what we worked, and that the other people that work there since more time (for example relatives) are kind, even though he screams at them as well. This is just a waste of time because 88 days in these conditions are absolutely impossible. Stay away!!

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230 Reviews

Stressful environment

2/ 5

The farm work itself is not so bad, myself and a friend picked and packed papayas for one week, however the boss is a very unpleasant, angry man. At first he seemed ok explaining the work but after 2-3 days began shouting at us for not listening, not working fast enough, not packing correctly (his wife (nice lady) was teaching us to pack and apparently he wanted it done differently so a bit confusing). It was very stressful as we didn’t know when we would turn up and start yelling and swearing. He also told us we were not packing enough fruit and would inspect fruit from the bins, saying it was ok to pack (when his wife had told us it wasn’t), and proceeded to smash the fruit on the floor saying we were throwing away his money.

On our last day he called me a bitch for driving the wrong way onto the farm, my friend replied and told him I wasn’t (I was in the car still) and he didn’t really say anything back. He also threatened to sack us saying ‘if you can’t pack fast enough you’re not welcome back next week’.

We were told by other Backpackers on our first day that he was a mad boss, and lots of people quit after 1-2 days. Apparently he had yelled at a German girl calling her stupid the day before. Luckily we found another job to start the week after so didn’t have to return. We did get paid for our time there (casual hourly), but I would not recommend this farm unless you’re not bothered about someone yelling at you a lot, a stressful environment and also not many other workers (that said the other staff were nice – perhaps they are immune to the shouting…)

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