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Our orchards

Plunkett Orchards grows a wide range of high quality fruit varieties across approximately 580 acres (235 ha) of orchards.

Our fruits are a mix of traditional and new varieties that are picked between November and May each year, with new varieties regularly under cultivation.

Our varieties include:

Pears– Packham Triumph, Williams Bon Chretian, Howell, Corella and Josephine
Apples– Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Gala, Sundowner, Kanzi and Rocket
Peaches– Yellow canning varieties: T204
Apricots– Trevatt
Best practice

Orchard management is based on best management practices and knowledge that has been generated over more than 125 years.

Crop protection is based on the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, to minimise the use of chemicals and encourage the natural control of problem insects and mites, by encouraging natural predators.

Irrigation is computer controlled to optimise the amount of water used, and organic matter is applied each year to improve soil structure and fertility. The orchard is laid out around existing native vegetation and new native planting is undertaken wherever possible.

New orchard planting innovations are introduced every season, with modern tree architecture incorporating 2D design introduced to enable the use of semi automated work platforms to greatly reduce manual labour.  Climate change challenges are being addressed by the inclusion of overhead misting for cooling, and erection of hail netting to both shield from storms and to provide sunburn and heat damage protection.

Seasonal work

Please put your name down with us if you are keen to be considered if any seasonal employment in the orchard or packing shed becomes available. Email info@plunkettorchards.com.au to register your interest.


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Contractor through Shepparton backpackers

1/ 5

Really poor housing conditions, low wages, hard work and long hours (10 to 12h a day), workers “not permitted” to leave the farm during the week, not allowed to use their own vehicle and had to pay a fee to get driven to town by the farmer. Girls were offered to stay at the farmers place “for free” while boys had to stay in expensive and unhealthy accommodations (up to 9 people in small room, 3 levels bunk beds). All workers were promised quick pay raise and easier factory works, but very few got it. I witnessed a female worker falling of a ladder, and being yelled at by a supervisor to “get back up the F* tree”. When I decided to leave the farm, the farmer threatened to report me to immigration to get my visa canceled, refused to drive me to town and never paid for the hours worked.

Work started at 5am, when workers had to queue and fight for a spot in a bus to get to the orchards. Once the bus were full, that was it for the day and you had to wait the next day hoping to get some work.

We were picking pears, working up ladders with sharp tools and driving tractors and trailers without any training. It was hot, long hours, frequent sighting of dangerous wildlife (spiders, snakes). The supervisors were rude and pushy for us to work faster and harder. A lot of us gave up after a few days. Most workers were from Korea and China and didn’t have a choice but keep going.

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